Our Sponsors

We would like to thank all of our sponsors who have supported our projects. Without your generous contributions our projects would not be possible.

2006-2011 Kikoo, Cameroon  
James Leitner Danny and Erica Wang
Ray Tompkins Dave Gibson
Julia Vance McGrath Elementary School Student Council
Churchill & Mary Ann Carey Bert & Carol Sacco
William E. Mitch Kent Family Foundation
Godfrey-Hoffman Associates, LLC Mary Ann Dickie & Leslie Dach
JWR Consulting Mortgage Protection Plus, Inc.
Sara Losse & Katherine Friar Steven Schwartz & Joyce Sacco
Michael Anderson & Lee Ames Bascom Karl & Karen Dreyer
Robin Duntze Connie Aunger
Richard & Julia Lund Melissa Burns
Leonard & Warren Collins Martin & Doris Corbern
Peter & Nancy Levitt Barbara Eller
Rose & Eddie Rosen Linda Saul-Sena & Mark Sena
Linda Kirsch Robert Morrison
Victor & Barbara Morrison Andrew Eller
Joe Sellers & Laurie Davis Michael & Stuart Friedman
Lary Visochek & Julie Cohen Edwin & Jane Gibson
Elizabeth Bopp Teresa & Zbigniew Rostkowski
Rotary Club of Waterbury, CT Steve Calvert
Boeing Company Alexandria Mitch
Rob Quick Betty and Sam Hoyt
Yale School of Engineering and Applied Sciences Patrick and Shirley Yeh
2005-2006 El Rosario, Honduras  
Yale Faculty of Engineering, specifically, Dean Paul A. Fleury & Dean William Segraves Julia Vance
Milone & MacBroom Churchill & Mary Ann Carey
Gwen Williamson Tom Daly
Brian & Grace Marie Concannon John Gilmore
Godfrey-Hoffman Associates, LLC Victor Del Vecchio & Lisa Lopez
TPA Design Group