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Building a Water Catchment in Cameroon

On the January 2016 trip to Cameroon, EWB Yale assessed a new spring source to bring additional water to the village of Roh.  After deeming the source to be suitable, we set out again in May 2016 to work with the villagers on building a catchment to collect the spring water (which would eventually be connected to the village’s water storage tank with pipes).

EWB-Yale January 2016 Assessment Trip

Three members of our EWB team traveled to Cameroon this winter to meet with the community of Roh to review progress and assess next steps for reinforcing the system’s supply of water during the end of the dry season. Water shortages and breaking taps were some of the issues that were raised. We are exploring the possibility of adding a new spring source to provide extra water during the dry season, which will involve building a water catchment (to collect rainwater that has seeped into the soil) and 2 kilometers of pipe (to transport this water into the community).

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